Repair shop specialized in laser welding for eyewear, the molding industry and surgical instruments.


Founded in 1992 Atelier SOLUC first specialized in jewellery, watches, clock repairs as well as glass frames. Over the years Atelier SOLUC modernized their techniques with the acquisition of their very first laser..

It allowed us to expend our glass welding scale by giving us the ability to weld frames made of Titanium as well as a variety of other objects.

In 2005 a second laser was added to allow the company to yet again expend by adding a new department of metal mold welding, a very first for the city of Quebec.

With the purchase of their third laser especially adapted to repair different size molds. Atelier Soluc has been able to offer, since 2008, aluminium welding and can operate on much larger surfaces.

Finally in 2013 our Forth Laser was purchased, with a numeric control and 4 axes. This technology has given us the ability to solder more rapidly and with a higher level of precision.

Furthermore with this new acquisition we can perform repairs on a small quantity of pieces as easily as a large production scale. It also has a virtually invisible line with a thickness of 0.10mm which is approximately the size of a human hair.


Service for frames repair only.

Welding on metal frames and repair of plastic bridges. We have spare hinges, pad arms, plates, tips, bridges, screws, etc. We are offering anti-corrosive plating ( 22K gold or rhodium).

It's possible to modify the frame such as lengthen sides, circles' size, the addition of a frontal bar, eye crutches, pad arms or transforming the regular frame into a nylon retaining cord.


  • Eyewear and optician
  • Ophtalmologist
  • Customer retail


  • Repair and modification of glass frames

Discover our expertise

  • Optometrist device
  • Broken lens support
  • Weld lens support
  • Broken frame
  • Result of the weld on eye crutches and frontal bar
  • Eyelid support, custom-made.
  • Eyelid support, custom-made.


We have the ability to repair or modify the majority of jewellery, whether they are made of Stainless Steel, Titanium, Silver, Gold and even Platinum.

We can provide you with most precious or synthetic stones, from Rhine stones to diamonds.

We can also repair Silver and decorative pieces whether they need welding or platting touch-ups.


  • Jewellery stores
  • Customer at the counter


  • Jewel repair
  • Jewel design
  • Plating
  • Engraving

Discover our expertise

  • Purse - Broken zip
  • Purse - Zip welded
  • Broken Candelabrum
  • Weld Candelabrum

Numerical welding control process

In the industrial fabrication, the micro soldering technology has allowed developers to minimize more and more their product sizes. This allows us to eliminate the threaded parts and render the welded pieces air tight, as well as avoid using the machining parts by fabricating previously assembled miniature parts.

We can bring the components closer without the pieces near the welded area being affected by heat. The CNC mode allows a perfect control or the puddle welding as well as the heat that emanates from one piece to the other which enable us to assemble pieces as thin as 0.0254mm.

For the manufacture of a single piece in series like this, the micro soldering technology touches virtually all areas that can relate near or far to the micromechanics technology.

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Surgical Instruments

Whether it's for a simple cleaning, a sharpening, an adjustment or a major repair, we can prolong your instrument life at an affordable cost.

We sharpen scissors, from micro to the biggest (including endoscopy), sharp claws of all kinds, trocars, osteotomes, curettes, etc. We can change the carbide inserts trays for needle-holders of all kinds.

We have also the insulating sheaths for endoscopic instruments and tools for cauterization.

We are also provider of titanium tags for X-Rays in radio-oncology.

X-Rays tags

We fabricate tags used for X-Rays or CT scans exams. Contrary to copper or tin, often used by Radio-oncology clinics, our titanium tags don't mask the structures shown on the exam (due to the small diameter of the pieces). Furthermore, titanium does not produce artefacts.


  • Dentist and denturist
  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics


  • Cleaning
  • Sharpening
  • Plating
  • Instruments repairs
    (ex.: Scissors, trocars, sharp claws, needle-holders, laryngeal mirrors, osteotomes, rongeur, curettes, etc)

Discover our expertise

  • Oxidize dentist instruments lot
  • Extreme oxidation
  • Same instruments after cleaning
  • Two broken ORL micro-claws
  • Broken upper rod
  • Broken jaw rivet
  • Two repaired ORL micro-claws
  • New carbide inserts tray for needle-holders
  • Dissection claw without insulating sheath
  • Same claw with polyester coat for cauterize
  • Titanium dental implant support to extend. <br/>Result on the left.


Laser welding offers many advantages : no distortion or internal strain following the welding. Heat spreading around the welded zone is almost non-existent. Due to the fusion and the rapid cooling, the weld and the metal is subjected to a quench equal to the surrounding metal, thus reducing the finishing stages that will follow.


  • Mold Makers
  • Producers of molded pieces


  • Laser Welding on
    • P20
    • PX5
    • H13
    • Beryllium (Ecomold)
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminium

Discover our expertise

  • Our 1<sup>st</sup> laser ND :<br/> 20W YAG PULSE purchased in 1997
  • Our 2<sup>nd</sup> laser ND :<br/> 60W YAG PULSE purchased in 2005
  • Our 3<sup>rd</sup> laser ND :<br/>  150W YAG PULSE purchased in 2008
  • Nous pouvons réparer
  • Joint de soudure par fusion laser sur une feuille d’acier de .001 pouce d’épaisseur avec un trait de soudure de .004 pouce de largeur.
  • Nous effectuons notre travail de mirco-soudure laser sur des petites mais aussi sur des grosses pièces. Comme ici, réparation d'un moule de 25 000 livres.
  • Travail à executer: <br/> Moule de grillage, rebâtir 200 tiges de .050
  • Under the microscope
  • Travail complété
  • Travail à executer: <br/> Rebâtir le coin vif d'une cavité
  • Under the microscope
  • Pièce de robotique de la compagnie <br/> PROPARMS
  • Performed work: filled central beveled edge
  • Mold for BRP company
  • Performed work: <br/> Rebuild damage corner line

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